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    The best quality wood & very professional brothers. Believe me when I say you will not be disappointed in your delivery of the QUALITY wood. Cut & split in manageable length & size, delivered when promised and very helpful on their website
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    Received my firewood on schedule and it burned great! This is the best firewood near me, all of the logs were actual manageable pieces and perfect size for firewood. I've never tried kiln dried firewood before, but after trying it I will definitely be ordering more
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    Best Burn Firewood delivers a great product with amazing customer service ! I ordered a face cord at 11am
    And it was delivered and stacked by 1pm the same day. It's great to work with
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    I have finally found a firewood supplier with an awesome quality product. I purchased a cord and all the wood was clean (no mud and dirt all over the wood like you get from other suppliers in the Waukesha area) I will be back next year for more. Great job Best Burn A +++++
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    This is honestly the cleanest, longest burning wood we have ever had, and it doesn't take a lot of it to create fabulous heat. Our wood burning stove is in our living room adjacent to our dining room, and with previous wood, we had a lot of
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    This is the best firewood near me. They offered fast delivery, quality wood and nice sized pieces. Friendly and helpful. Would order again!
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The black locust tree is a hardwood but it's unique because it grows faster than most softwoods. Even though the tree grows extremely fast, it still produces tough, dense, heavy firewood. Black locust is an excellent choice for firewood. The hot, long lasting fire it produces makes it a popular choice for anyone who heats with wood. Black locust firewood is not as well known as oak, maple ash and other hardwoods. However, we try and educate our customers on black locust firewood and after they try it out, the home burners are instantly attached to it due to the fact of how hot it burns. Black locust burns very hot. If you use a wood stove and are concerned about the fire getting to hot (which is possible with black locust) mix it in with other wood and don't fill the wood stove completely with locust.

Would we say black locust firewood is comparable to oak firewood? Yes and no, oak still gives off a longer burn time and a better smell, but black locust produces more heat per log. Black locust would also not be advised to be used for cooking any foods because of the flavor and scent it gives off.

Black locust will produce around 30 million BTU's per cord.

Product Information
Reasons To Buy

Best Burn Firewood provides clean kiln-dried Wisconsin firewood for all your heating needs. We grew up with wood heat, and know the benefits of it. Our Wisconsin Black Locust Firewood is one of our top choices foe heat. Finding many pitfalls with traditional firewood suppliers, we created our own cleaner way to get the wood we wanted. This discovery was something we wanted to share. We decided to pass on our joy and knowledge to you, and that developed into the company we run today.

Choosing what kind of wood to burn can be tricky. We have researched and learned through trial and error which ones will work best for a long cold winter. One of the better choices for great heat is black locust firewood.

Wisconsin Black locust firewood is one of the best woods you can burn to heat your home. It will heat your home better than most other firewoods. Although black locust doesn't burn as long as oak or produce as nice of a smell, black locust firewood keep your house warm and cozy due to the amount of heat it gives off (about 30 million BTU's per cord). Black locust also produces a nice bed of hot coals after it has been thoroughly burned that create long lasting extra heat, these coals then burn down to a small pile of ash resulting in a clean stove after the wood has been consumed. It burns very hot, and can be mixed with other types of wood to keep from overheating your stove. The radiant heat from the coals will last as well, keeping you warmer longer and not having to worry about constantly adding more firewood to the fire!

One of the best things about black locust trees is their ability to replenish themselves rather quickly. This helps reforestation efforts, while also allowing for great Wisconsin firewood. Because the tree is so dense, cutting black locust wood can be difficult—one reason for letting someone else do the work for you. That’s where Best Burn Firewood comes in. Other reasons for using our wood are:

Black Locust
Special use case:
Home Heating
Yellow (Dark inside core)
Northern Wisconsin
1/2 Face Cord 550lbs. 
Face Cord 1100lbs. 
Half Cord 1650lbs. 
Full Cord 3400lbs.
Moisture Content:
Split Pieces Diameter:
Varies from 1x1" 2x2", 3x3"
Split Pieces Length:
WDATCP Certified:
Yes (request certification with delivery)


Treating the local Wisconsin firewood in this manner brings down the moisture levels to a mere 15%. Because of this process, you’ll always know your wood is ready to burn and will light.

Clean Burning

The kiln-drying process produces a wood that contains fewer creosote chemicals. This means no clogs or harm to your chimney, and the smoke produced is friendlier to the environment than other woods.

Fast Delivery

We know how cold the Wisconsin winters are! Getting firewood to you the day you call is our goal. When extenuating circumstances arise, your delivery will be no later than the following business day.
Many people feel that burning wood is just not that advantageous. They see their friends and neighbors paying great amounts of money for firewood, only to see half of it left in the driveway because of the dirt and debris that comes with it.

But firewood is one of the cheapest ways to heat your home. And with Best Burn Firewood, there’ll be no mess. We hand-load every piece, ensuring that you get only the wood you paid for. Other advantages of heating with firewood are:

100% American Energy – 100% Wisconsin Energy – All of our wood comes from local sources. Every last speck is 100% American. You’ll feel good knowing you’re supporting your community and your country.

Carbon Neutral –There is not much else that can be as environmentally friendly as burning our wood. The Co2 that is released during the burning process is equal to that trapped when a tree grows. There is no ‘carbon footprint.’

Lower Utility Costs – According to the Research Institute of Sustainable Energy, heating with firewood is the most cost-effective way to heat your home. It is four times more than oil, five times more than gas, and six times more economical than electricity.

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Kiln Dried Firewood Kindling Bundle

Make your fire starting experience a breeze! Add a bag of kiln dried red cedar kindling [bug repellent] to your delivery!


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Quantity Price Per Bag
2-2 $27.50
3-3 $25.00
4-4 $22.50
5-100 $20.00

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Best Burn Firewood offers firewood delivery year round. We have firewood for sale near you. We would love to be your new firewood supplier.

Wisconsin Black Locust Firewood - Great for Heating
Best Burn Firewood sells kiln dried Wisconsin firewood. Our firewood for sale, firewood delivery is unmatched by competitors! Purchase today
Our new, industry leading firewood kiln. We turn green firewood into seasoned firewood for sale, in 36 hours! Wisconsin Firewood - Firewood Delivery
Our kiln chamber reaches over 270 degrees, baking all the moisture directly out of the firewood. This process provides the driest firewood in Wisconsin.
Firewood harvested from northern Wisconsin loggers, shipped directly to our yard and unloaded by the truckload.
Our firewood tumbler cleans out any unwanted dirt, gravel & debris ensuring you only receive clean product for your firewood delivery!

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