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We are located at 19000 W Lincoln Avenue, New Berlin WI 53146, right inside of Certified Products. We are not limited to Waukesha & Milwaukee only, we deliver to all neighboring counties!

    How long does it take to get back to me?
    If you call us during business hours we will get back to you within the next 30 minutes if your call is missed or all of our lines are busy. If you call us outside of business hours we will call you first thing the next morning.

    If you email us/fill out the contact form during business hours we will get back to you within 30 minutes. If you email us/fill out the contact form outside of business hours we will get back to you that night, or first thing the next morning
    Can I pick up wood at your location?
    Yes you can, but we strongly advise you to give us a call before hand so we can make sure to have it ready for you. We have wood racks pre measured out for self pickup, but they can be sold pretty fast, so to ensure you aren't wasting a trip, make sure to call ahead! Pickup hours are between 9am-4pm Monday through Saturday.
    How long does a delivery usualy take?
    Delivery lead times can vary throughout the year, spring & summer we can get a delivery out the same day or the following day. During the fall & winter season we can usually have a delivery sent out within a few days at tops. If you know you need a delivery on a certain date or for a certain event, give us a call ahead of time as much as you can to allow us to easily meet your deadline!
    Where can my wood be dropped off, and will you stack it?
    We take your dump instructions over the phone before your delivery gets sent out, you instruct where you would like the wood dumped and we will follow those orders. We do also offer stacking for an additional fee, check out our pricing page.
    I don't live near your location, will you still deliver to me?
    We deliver to Milwaukee county and all neighboring counties. If you live outside of that range, just give us a call and we will see what we can do for you. We do have a delivery fee based on how far you are from our yard.
    Do you guys sell firewood year round?
    Yes. We kiln dry all of our firewood, meaning we have dry ready to burn wood available year round. Come late January & February we are not sold out of wood, and we will be happy to provide you with some quality kiln dried firewood.

    We Offer

    Firewood Delivery To following areas:

    Best Burn Firewood offers firewood delivery year round. We have firewood for sale near you. We would love to be your new firewood supplier.

    Wisconsin Black Locust Firewood - Great for Heating
    Best Burn Firewood sells kiln dried Wisconsin firewood. Our firewood for sale, firewood delivery is unmatched by competitors! Purchase today
    Our new, industry leading firewood kiln. We turn green firewood into seasoned firewood for sale, in 36 hours! Wisconsin Firewood - Firewood Delivery
    Our kiln chamber reaches over 270 degrees, baking all the moisture directly out of the firewood. This process provides the driest firewood in Wisconsin.
    Firewood harvested from northern Wisconsin loggers, shipped directly to our yard and unloaded by the truckload.
    Our firewood tumbler cleans out any unwanted dirt, gravel & debris ensuring you only receive clean product for your firewood delivery!

    Call Our Phone Number

    262 746 7416
    or order your firewood online by clicking here!
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