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Here at Best Burn Firewood, we know firewood, it's all we do! Wales Wisconsin is just one of our many delivery areas. Our custom made patent pending delivery trucks carry the perfect amount of firewood to ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for. A simple firewood delivery can be made by ordering online HERE, or by calling us during business hours at 262-746-7416.

Check out a few highlights on our professional firewood delivery service that we offer.


We send all of our wood through screeners prior to delivery. This ensures you have no scrap, gravel, dirt or any unwanted debris in your firewood delivery!

Custom designed
truck beds

All our Wisconsin firewood for sale is guaranteed to not only burn, but burn 40% hotter than air-dried standard firewood. It’s also guaranteed to light immediately.


If you'd like to place an order online without having to call or pay over the phone or with a check in person. Simple go to our shop page and purchase your firewood online and we will let you know a designated delivery date. Its that simple!

More reasons to trust Best Burn Firewood for your firewood delivery needs!

stacking service

We offer stacking services on any size order (for an additional cost). Save the time and pain this year by having our team handle the firewood stacking for you.

Mobile tracking
of delivery driver

When your firewood delivery gets sent out on the delivery que, a link is sent to your phone so you can track the drivers progress and see who is delivering to you. 

to customers

A lot of times we offer promotions attached to your invoice/receipt upon delivery. Our customers take care of us, so we like to play it forward and take care of them as well!

We have Wisconsin firewood for sale all year long to make your life easier. It’s just how we do business. By making sure that what we sell comes from here, we do our part to help our hometown as well.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your firewood delivery from the company that does only firewood. Call us now at 262-746-7416 or order our Wisconsin firewood online by clicking HERE

See What Clients Say About Us


    The best quality wood & very professional brothers. Believe me when I say you will not be disappointed in your delivery of the QUALITY wood. Cut & split in manageable length & size, delivered when promised and very helpful on their website
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    Received my firewood on schedule and it burned great! This is the best firewood near me, all of the logs were actual manageable pieces and perfect size for firewood. I've never tried kiln dried firewood before, but after trying it I will definitely be ordering more
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    Best Burn Firewood delivers a great product with amazing customer service ! I ordered a face cord at 11am
    And it was delivered and stacked by 1pm the same day. It's great to work with
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    I have finally found a firewood supplier with an awesome quality product. I purchased a cord and all the wood was clean (no mud and dirt all over the wood like you get from other suppliers in the Waukesha area) I will be back next year for more. Great job Best Burn A +++++
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    This is honestly the cleanest, longest burning wood we have ever had, and it doesn't take a lot of it to create fabulous heat. Our wood burning stove is in our living room adjacent to our dining room, and with previous wood, we had a lot of
    Read More


    This is the best firewood near me. They offered fast delivery, quality wood and nice sized pieces. Friendly and helpful. Would order again!
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We Offer

Firewood Delivery To following areas:

Best Burn Firewood offers firewood delivery year round. We have firewood for sale near you. We would love to be your new firewood supplier.

Wisconsin Black Locust Firewood - Great for Heating
Best Burn Firewood sells kiln dried Wisconsin firewood. Our firewood for sale, firewood delivery is unmatched by competitors! Purchase today
Our new, industry leading firewood kiln. We turn green firewood into seasoned firewood for sale, in 36 hours! Wisconsin Firewood - Firewood Delivery
Our kiln chamber reaches over 270 degrees, baking all the moisture directly out of the firewood. This process provides the driest firewood in Wisconsin.
Firewood harvested from northern Wisconsin loggers, shipped directly to our yard and unloaded by the truckload.
Our firewood tumbler cleans out any unwanted dirt, gravel & debris ensuring you only receive clean product for your firewood delivery!

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262 746 7416
or order your firewood online by clicking here!
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