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Founded in 2016 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Best Burn Firewood is the brainchild of brothers Tyler and Brady Mainka. Fueled by a childhood spent relying on a wood-burning furnace as our family's primary heat source, firewood became an integral part of our lives. We spent our formative years diligently sourcing, splitting, and stacking firewood to ensure our family was well-prepared for the winter months..

As we grew older, we couldn't help but notice the neglect in the firewood market. The inherent romance of firewood - the art of perfectly cut pieces, wood that ignites effortlessly, and the mesmerizing glow of embers on a cold night - seemed lost on those producing it. It was from this observation that Best Burn Firewood was born. Our mission was simple: to fill the void in the market by offering the highest quality firewood products. We understood that not all firewood is created equal, and we aimed to provide a superior alternative.

We work hard, so you can enjoy a warm winter or any special time of the year that calls for some wood!

At Best Burn Firewood, we are committed to delivering sustainably harvested firewood of unparalleled quality. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that our customers experience the true essence of firewood - a source of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. Join us in rediscovering the magic of a fire; let Best Burn Firewood illuminate your nights and warm your spaces.

Wisconsin Firewood for Sale

Same-Day Delivery!

After our experience personally purchasing firewood over the past decade, one thing that we found which was off-putting was all the junk that came with each delivery. We had so much dirt, debris, and junk wood left over in our driveway that we wondered how much wood we were actually getting! Our solution is simple: Instead of scooping from the pile of wood, which collects all the junk, we take the extra step and hand pick every single delivery and load it into the truck by hand. This means you don't get all the dirt and debris left over in your driveway, and are getting the exact amount of wood that you ordered!
Call us at any time of the year, whether it's in the hot summer or freezing winter. 
We also have 100% kiln dried Wisconsin Firewood for Sale.
We offer stacking of your firewood delivery upon request for an additional fee.

We Offer

Firewood Delivery To following areas:

Best Burn Firewood offers firewood delivery year round. We have firewood for sale near you. We would love to be your new firewood supplier.

Wisconsin Black Locust Firewood - Great for Heating
Best Burn Firewood sells kiln dried Wisconsin firewood. Our firewood for sale, firewood delivery is unmatched by competitors! Purchase today
Our new, industry leading firewood kiln. We turn green firewood into seasoned firewood for sale, in 36 hours! Wisconsin Firewood - Firewood Delivery
Our kiln chamber reaches over 270 degrees, baking all the moisture directly out of the firewood. This process provides the driest firewood in Wisconsin.
Firewood harvested from northern Wisconsin loggers, shipped directly to our yard and unloaded by the truckload.
Our firewood tumbler cleans out any unwanted dirt, gravel & debris ensuring you only receive clean product for your firewood delivery!

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262 746 7416
or order your firewood online by clicking here!
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