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January 21, 2021
Kiln Dried Birch For Sale
By author Best Burn Firewood

Indulge in the elegance of our kiln-dried Birch firewood, the quintessence of luxury for discerning enthusiasts. Meticulously sourced and expertly processed, each piece of Birch is dried in state-of-the-art kilns to ensure a low moisture content, guaranteeing a clean, efficient, and vibrant burn. Birch is celebrated not only for its bright, lively flame but also for the delicate, sweet aroma it emits, enhancing the ambiance of any setting. The distinctive white bark adds a touch of sophistication to your fireplace, making it as visually appealing as it is functionally superior. Ideal for indoor relaxation or outdoor entertainment, our Birch firewood provides a consistent, high heat output, perfect for creating memorable moments around the fire. Elevate your fire experience with our luxurious Birch firewood, where quality meets elegance in every log.

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January 21, 2021
Kiln Dried Cherry Firewood For Sale
By author Best Burn Firewood

Cherry firewood is a popular choice for many homeowners. Although not as popular as oak, maple and ash, cherry can still provide sufficient heat for your home. Cherry is most commonly used for cooking. Cherry firewood works well with turkey, chicken and pork but is a little to strong for fish.

The firewood is known for its pleasant aroma and lovely blue flame when burnt making it a popular choice for a fireplace in a decorative setting or for general classier purposes.

Cherry firewood is easy to split and supplies moderate heat when compared to oak, maple or locust which are superior firewood choices for heating. While it may not be the top choice in the firewood rankings for home burning, cherry can supply you with a beautiful, warm fire that also smells terrific. Cherry firewood definitely is in the top rankings though for cooking firewood, local restaurants in the Milwaukee area purchase cherry from us for their cooking obligations.

Cherry will produce 20-22 million BTU’s per cord.

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June 18, 2022
Kiln Dried Firewood Kindling Bundle
By author Best Burn Firewood

Why do you need kindling? Life is hard enough, even with our kiln dried firewood, the last thing you should be worried about is finding material to start your fire. Simply addon a 1.0 Cu Ft Bag of kiln dried firewood kindling to your firewood order! An easy to carry, compact amount of kindling sticks.

Each bag holds enough wood to last (averagely) through a face cord.

$10 per bundle, up to 10 bundles

So what are you waiting for? Give our firewood kindling a try, and make an already easy to light firewood even simpler!


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January 21, 2021
Kiln Dried Hickory Firewood For Sale
By author Best Burn Firewood

There are a lot of people who agree that hickory firewood is one of the best there is for burning. Hickory is even hotter burning than oak, maple and other popular hardwoods. That is why it is so popular for cooking due to the high amount of heat it gives off.

Hickory is also well known for its smoke flavor for smoking, and BBQ's. Hickory is the firewood of choice for a southern barbecue, it gives off a very strong flavor to meats and is used mostly to smoke pork shoulders and ribs. Like cherry, hickory firewood is the go to wood for cooking. It is our highest seller to restaurants around the Milwaukee area. If you are looking for some firewood to cook with, we suggest you use what the pro's use and purchase hickory firewood!

Hickory will produce around 29 million BTU's per cord.

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January 12, 2021
Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwoods For Sale
By author Best Burn Firewood

Mixed hardwoods is a mix of many different hardwoods that can include Ash, Maple, Locust, Elm, Walnut and more! This is the most commonly bought firewood in the state of Wisconsin, and from Best Burn Firewood. It produces great heat at a very good price. Mixed hardwoods is most commonly used for camping, recreational fires and for people who have an indoor fireplace to heat their house. Our mixed hardwoods is also kiln dried firewood, meaning it will produce 30-40% more heat than the average log from our competitors. If you are looking for standard firewood for general burning, this is the product for you!

Mixed hardwoods will produce anywhere from 20-27 million BTU's per cord.

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January 21, 2021
Kiln Dried Oak Firewood For Sale
By author Best Burn Firewood

Oak firewood is a popular choice for many people who use firewood for heat. The wood is very dense, heavy and provides some of the highest levels of heat for your home. If you are looking for the "premium" firewood, oak is the choice for you. Oak firewood has probably the greatest reputation in Wisconsin, it is by far one of our top sellers. It burns much longer than most other types of firewood because of it's density, meaning with oak firewood you will not have to stock up your fire as often as other firewood types.

Oak firewood can also be used for cooking, bbq's and smoking meats due to the lovely aroma it gives off. Although oak is not as popular for cooking as firewood's like Hickory or Cherry, it is still considered to be a very thorough firewood for cooking. It mostly depends on what you are cooking and the chef's choice.

Is oak the best firewood choice? Depending on who you ask the answer could be yes. The oak is an abundant tree that can supply a lot of great, dense, long burning firewood. If you burn oak firewood you will not be disappointed!

Oak firewood (red and white) will give off around 28-29 million BTU's per cord.

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